Dairy Barn Systems

Meet the challenges of dairying head on, both today and well into tomorrow. Dairy Barn Systems are a whole new way of thinking about dairy farming and optimising your production.

With quickly changing rules and regulations up and down the country, as well as the increasing focus on quality sustainable farming systems, technology, milk prices & effluent management, now is the time to prepare and make sure you’re more than just one step ahead of the dairy farming game.

Dairy Barn Systems provide better control to achieve greater efficiencies across your operation. Your business will also benefit from being able to future-plan for seasonal and market fluctuations, optimise production and improve value.

We are early pioneers in introducing structural steel into our rural building designs and today maintain industry leading standards.

We provide a completely tailored approach for each and every dairy farmer. Our core focus is to deliver the very best design and build solution for your needs. Our end-to-end project management approach means you'll be dealing directly with a team that prides itself on long-term partnerships.

As experts in rural buildings with over 60 years' experience, we bring a wide range of experience and expertise. Whether you're looking for a wintering dairy shed or a full-scale dairy barn system or anything in-between, we are here to help.

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Key Drivers for Success


Protect pastures.

Save your pastures from damage caused by trampling.


Increase production.

A Dairy Barn System will keep your herd warm, fed and milking further into the winter season.


Control feed levels.

Set your own feed levels based on a reliable, quality supply of feed.


Improve herd health.

Maintain optimum weight, so cows are healthier, better rested and ready to breed.


Manage effluent.

Take control of effluent and future proof against changing regulations.


Grow your business.

Improve the value of your business with a state-of-the-art built asset.

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