Which Barn System is right for you?

When considering wintering options and full-time barn systems for your herd, there are many factors that will influence which will be the best solution and return on your investment.

Key factors that drive these decisions include:

  • Environmental Factors - managing increasing legislative requirements, reducing effluent and nutrient losses.
  • Animal Health - achieving high herd health through optimal feeding and protection from the elements.
  • Production - extending your milking season or winter milking, your choice.

Because we understand the importance of delivering on-time and on-budget every time, we can customise an integrated solution of rural

buildings to maximise your herd’s potential.

And by using the highest grade steel and roofing for all of our Wintering Sheds and Dairy Barn Systems we can provide a competitive solution that withstands harsh conditions - protecting your investment long into the future.

We’ll walk through all the options before presenting you with a tailored solution for your dairy farm. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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Dairy Barn Systems

Our customisable Dairy Barn Systems allow your stock to feed while maintaining your pasture, jumpstarting early grass development as Spring arrives. Shed configurations can include fully automatic effluent scrapers, dedicated standing and sleeping areas, feed lanes, pads and feed silo foundations – all designed and built to achieve your goals and meet your budget.

Our ability to define, design and deliver construction projects through our key partnerships in the technology industry is a key advantage, providing greater control and efficiency across your operation. Because each Dairy Barn System is tailored in its design to suit your land, your environment, your cows and your needs, we are able to recommend and supply a full fit out of your Dairy Barn System.

Wintering Sheds

Wintering sheds are an ideal solution if you're wanting to gain control from having to winter your herd off-farm, utilise your own support block for higher-value cropping and/or move up from your existing feed pad. Wintering sheds can be a great asset for protecting your herd in winter from harsh weather conditions, but also in the summer from heat stress.

Wintering Sheds can also provide a short-term solution throughout the year during significant weather events including excessive rainfall and flooding. By protecting your herd during these key periods of potential stress you can ensure production is maintained and your pastures are protected.

GEA New Zealand

With decades of experience in barn equipment engineering, GEA’s product range has been designed to meet the highest quality standards.

GEA establishes benchmarks and develops new innovations across cubicles, pens, beds and mattress systems to feeding fences and drinking systems, climate management, ventilation technology and stall cleaning solutions – all by environmentally conscious and economic animal-friendly means. Together with Calder Stewart, GEA will find a cost-effective solution for your demand-oriented application.