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The following information is a selection of the latest updates and industry news regarding dairy barn systems and herd housing. If there is any specific information that you're looking for please contact us.

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The great debate - is once or twice a day milking best?

Once-a-day milking has become a hot topic this year and some farmers are switching full time. Full season or strategic, once-a-day has both pros and cons. Check them out here.

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Compost Barn Tour

Calder Stewart staff recently hosted a compost barn tour, taking with us seven interested dairy farmers and a consultant, visiting two successfully managed composting barns, one in the Waikato and the other in the Manawatu. Check out more about the trip here.

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Got milk? How to increase milk production in dairy cows?

Maximising milk production is a surefire way to increase the return on investment for your dairy farm. We've broken down some of the key areas to focus on to achieve this.

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Compost barns and the potential of hemp straw

Your choice of dairy cow housing systems should be aimed to positively influence cow health and longevity. A compost dairy barn is just one of the options available. Read more about this here.

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Dairy Farming In The Netherlands Part 2

Following on from part 1 of the Dairy Barn System's team trip to the Netherlands, we dive deeper into Dutch dairy farming and what the team learnt whilst in Europe.

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Preparing your dairy farm for winter

What if this winter was the worst on record…is your farm ready? Here's a quick rundown of some important aspects you should think about as it comes into the colder months.

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