DeLaval & The Future Of Dairy

More and more dairy farmers are turning to technology to help optimise milk production and improve cows’ wellbeing. DeLaval - a name synonymous with the dairy farming industry - is one of the companies at the forefront of it all.


DeLaval develops and manufactures equipment and systems for milk production and animal husbandry.
Their products and solutions include automatic and conventional milking systems, cooling and feeding
systems, effluent and housing systems and farm management support systems.
DeLaval has a vision of sustainable dairy farming. Their goal is to help reduce the environmental
footprint of farms, while improving milk production, farm profitability and the well-being and overall
quality of life of the people and animals involved.



DeLaval meets your milk quality needs with the latest in milk meters, milk indicators, clusters, liners, tubing, vacuum, automation, complete systems, sort gates, filters, tubing, receivers and more. They also offer all types of milking solutions designed to give excellent milking hygiene, improve udder health, reduce labour costs, and allow for future expansion.


DeLaval Automatic Milking Rotary - AMR™ is the latest in rotary technology. Having five task-specific
hydraulic robots it enables you to achieve up to 1,600 fully automatic milkings every day. Save on
labour, improve teat health, minimise milk harvesting costs and achieve true quarter milking.

DeLaval Voluntary Milking System VMS™ enables you to harvest the maximum milk yield from your
herd while freeing up time for you and your staff to focus on other duties. Improve milk quality and
animal health, achieve true quarter milking and enjoy the benefits of the system’s built-in cleaning and
teat preparation features.

Learn more about the benefits of DeLaval’s robotic milking systems. Follow the video links below.


A huge cost of dairy production, DeLaval’s products work to optimise the management of feeding to
improve productivity and health, while at the same time reducing the environmental impact. Feeding
products include rotary feeders, calf feeding solutions and feed table coverage


DeLaval provide the right support for understanding the needs of your herd, assessing their
performance and ensuring the best care. Products include BCS cameras, automatic cow identification,
farm monitoring, sort gates and remote connections to access DeLaval’s massive support network.

Two systems of note are the Herd Navigator, which enables early identification of cows in need of
special attention (and what you can do) to allow for fast action. And DeLaval DelPro™, a complete dairy
farm management system that monitors, records and analyses data to help you make those all-important
farming decisions.


DeLaval’s approach to cow comfort takes into account the entire needs of the cow around the clock. From walking area products to help cows move more easily, comfortable and securely inside the shed or barn, with resting area comforts like mattresses, bedding spreaders and a range of cow brushes, DeLaval ensures your herd gets the best possible treatment and stays healthy, strong and productive.

Other cow comfort products include ventilation and lighting, water troughs and bowls, and fences and housing.


Several farmers have developed relationships with DeLaval and have made the move to robotic milking. Watch these videos as they talk about their dealings with DeLaval and the benefits they’re seeing from the products, including reduced lameness, improvements in pasture management and individual care of the cows, better hours, and the overall improved condition of their herd.

John Fisher is a Cambridge farmer with a 320 strong herd. He was one of the first NZ’s farmers to go robotic with DeLaval.

David and Cathy run an organic farm milking170. For them, the move to De Laval was make or break. Among the positive results has been the
involvement of a second generation of the family coming into the business.

Brian Yates says the introduction of the robots was a catalyst to get involved in the future of dairying.

Find out more information on the dairy farming solutions DeLaval offer here.