Improving the health of your herd

The health of your cows has a direct impact on the quality and quantity of their milk production, and determines the extent of your profit. Improving the health of your stock will increase cow longevity and maximise efficiency within the herd and your overall farm operations. Using Dairy Barns on your farm can help to improve dairy herd health by maintaining optimum weight and protection from extreme weather, so that cows are healthier, better rested and ready to breed.


Dairy Barn Systems are specifically designed with the health of your cows in mind. Dairy Barn Systems offer the opportunity to control feed quality and quantity, making it easier to maintain the optimum weight of the herd.

The nutrient content of pasture varies with different crops, at different stages of growth. This makes it difficult for farmers to know the quality of pasture each cow is eating, and how much they have access to. The Dairy Barn System allows farmers to feed out known quantities and qualities of feed to each cow, providing them with supplementary feed, such as fodder beet, if necessary. By feeding individually, each cow has access to an accurate amount of feed at all times and when managed correctly, should maintain an optimum weight.

By maintaining ideal herd weight, cows are in turn healthier, better rested and ready to breed.

Additionally, by keeping your herd off pastures during wet seasons it is possible to improve the productivity of pastures. This increases the ability to grow high quality feed and reduce outsourcing of feed.


Dairy Barn Systems provide protection for your stock during extreme weather, summer or winter. By protecting your herd during periods of cold or very hot weather, the risk of increased stress is minimised and cows are able to maintain energy levels thus remaining healthier and more productive.

Dairy Barn Systems provide the ability to maintain the health of your herd throughout the year, improving productivity and ensuring stock are in the best possible condition at all times.