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5 Ways to Create an Effective Effluent System

While investing in a custom-designed system sounds like a no brainer, missing the basics can be costly. Here are 5 ways you can create an effective effluent system.

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Dairy cattle NZ - Part Four

While the previous articles in this series have profiled the main breeds, numerically, of dairy cattle in New Zealand it is important to also highlight some other breeds that offer some unique features to their enthusiastic and passionate owners.

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Dairy Cattle NZ - Crossbred Cows

Crossbred cows account for 48% of the national herd, by far the largest ’breed’ in New Zealand. Part three of the Dairy Cattle Breeds in NZ, here’s a brief rundown on the crossbred cow.

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Dairy cattle NZ - Holstein Friesian cows

New Zealand is home to 4.86 million dairy cows spread over 11,748 dairy farms. Most people have an idea what a dairy cow is, and what they do, but far fewer know the characteristics that differentiate the various breeds from each other. Here’s a brief rundown on some of the breeds of cow you may see on farms around the country.

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Dairy cattle NZ - Jersey cows

Most have an idea what a dairy cow is, however, few can differentiate between the various breeds. So here’s a brief rundown of the Jersey breed.

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